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Not to disappoint you, if you haven’t already guessed, but Bibliomanic is basically just a reading blog. No cool giraffe pics, no manifestos literary, political or otherwise, no hot takes. The usual fare: commonplace excerpts, micro-reviews of books I’ve recently read, monthly reading logs, links to my writing & translations elsewhere and so on. More seldom I draw up lists (of ‘blotto books’, or of  canonical works of literary criticism, for instance), nitpick on how to translate commas, or discuss some of the frustrations of trying to break into literary translation.

Here are some authors and books I really like to read:

Paul Metcalf, Edward Dahlberg, Pierre Senges, Joseph McElroy, Thomas Nashe, Djuna Barnes, Susan HoweMichael Kohlhaas, Madame de Lafayette, Nancy Mitford,  ‘The Lord Chandos Letter,’ Harold Brodkey, Hugh Kenner, Nathanael West, S.J. Perelman, George W.S. Trow, Donald Barthelme, David Markson’s last four books, A Tomb for Boris Davidovich, Virginia Woolf, Impossible Object, Harry Mathews, Michel Butor’s Degrees and Mobile, Nathalie Sarraute’s The Use of Speech, Marguerite Duras, Guy Davenport, George Saintsbury’s History of English Prose Rhythm, Galway Kinnell’s The Book of Nightmares. Etc.

I grew up in Greene County, Ohio, not far from Dayton. I have lived in France, Virginia, and Quebec. I live in Ottawa, Ontario with my family now. I translated a book. You can learn about some of the services that I offer (translation and commercial copywriting) at this page. If you’re on twitter, you can find me at @jsief. I also welcome email correspondence.

A Note on Copyright

All original content on this blog (articles + photos) is licensed under a Creative Commons license. That means you can share it or use it however you wish on the condition that you a) credit me and b) are not trying to profit from it. (This kind of license is called an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. If you wish to learn more about CC licenses, I suggest starting here.)

Greene County Ohio

A field in Greene County, Ohio

Fact: The OED gives no entry for bibliomanic, though it does for bibliomane, bibliomania, bibliomaniac, bibliomanian, bibliomaniacal, and bibliomanism. Go figure.