April reading log

The Dust of Suns (c.1930/1990s) – Raymond Roussel (trans. Harry Mathews)

The Philosophers’ Madonna (1931/2008) – Carlo Emilio Gadda (trans. Antony Melville)

Exercises in Style (1947/2012) – Raymond Queneau (trans. Barbara Wright & Chris Clarke)

Trial Impressions (1977), The New Tourism (2008?) – Harry Mathews

The Attraction of Things (?) – Roger LeWinter (trans. Rachel Carreau)

The Nonconformist’s Memorial (1993) – Susan Howe

The Case of the Persevering Maltese (various) – Harry Mathews

The Emerald Light in the Air (2014) – Donald Antrim

I read only three of these stories, and was sufficiently terrified to leave off there. “Another Manhattan” in particular left me feeling I couldn’t go on. I read Antrim’s first novel about seven years ago and found it nothing to write home about, but this is hardly the same author. I think I would enjoy, and will seek out, Antrim’s The Hundred Brothers.

What Is Landscape? (2015) – John R. Stilgoe

plans sauvages (2016) – Hélène Fréderick

Debths (2017) – Susan Howe

The Transport… (2017) – John Trefry

My Back Pages (2017) – Steven Moore (Skipping around in this. Is Moore America’s best (living) critic? I would hazard to say so.)


  • I’ve just finished devouring Antrim’s The Hundred Brothers and can fondly recommend it. Very Edward Gorey strange & funny. The first story in The Emerald Light in the Air is one of the most outrageously comic things I’ve read, but it kind of lulls you for what is to come.


    • I want to get to it – however my reading seems to be getting away from me these days, I’m starting far more books than I finish, and so on. Happy reading to you – JS

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