Bibliomanic migrates

Thanks in part to the Web System Design course I’m taking, I’ve learned some HTML, XML, and CSS basics. I’m still no expert, but I find it amazing what I’ve learned in the short span of a month and a half.

This blog used to be hosted on, but as my HTML/CSS skills were developing I wanted more freedom than allows. So I bought some server space with a hosting service, installed WordPress software, carried over the blog content from to my server in an XML file, changed some DNS fields, filed a domain name transfer request, etc., etc.

Within the next week the domain name transfer should be complete. I’m looking forward to having greater design freedom. As any one who’s gotten their feet wet enough in the HTML/CSS ocean, or even the blog pond, that’s some *addictive* stuff.

It’s a busy semester and a busy life right now in Jacob-land, so I thought I’d migrate my website. Just for kicks. I don’t love this theme, and so I’ll be changing it, in good time. Next hurdle: figure out how to take WordPress “Themes” but also customize them. Maybe I don’t need some one else’s theme at all.

This could go on and on. It will. For now, discourse analysis — water policy analysis for Canada (I’m looking at you, Economic Institute of Montreal, and at you, Fraser Institute) — is hearkening.

Please let me know with a message or comment if you perceive anything awry here at Bibliomanic during the migration. I’ll be… here.

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