Flarfarama, pt. 2

Behold: a selection of some of the most search phrases entered by visitors to this site (via WordPress site statistics). One durst not call it flarf nor surrealistic, but…

how to copewith a bibliomaniac
a declaration of the independence of cyberspace
back alleys and urban landscapes
bibliomania is an obsession with what
dad and daughter taboo
hunger games symbols and meaning
taboo american style 2
behold a host arrayed in white
melozzo da forli
swiss+tech micro-max
fear of paper
highfashion head shots
calligram poems on birds
lucid colloids
the twilight zone where is everybody
aldous re:no
books are a uniquely portable magic
caligram of a brain
e.f thoreus
obesity hoarding and information overload
william gaddis
sebald ruskin
albert borgmann technology a comparison to heidegger summary
dead poets society standing on desks
popcorn brain
mechanical engineering slogans
vertigo nantes
i like you warburg
my bedroom vocabulary
can the state perform polygraphs against strawman
individual thought patterns death

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