Dayton in books – a collage

“My father had been insane for a number of years. He was in an asylum over at Dayton, Ohio. There you see I have let it slip out! All of this took place in Ohio, right here in Ohio. There is a clew if you ever get the notion of looking me up.”
– Sherwood Andersen, Winesburg, Ohio

“Say, there’s plenty of Americans on this train. They’ve got seven cars of them from Dayton, Ohio. They’ve been on a pilgrimage to Rome, and now they’re going down to Biarritz and Lourdes.”
“So that’s what they are. Pilgrims. Goddam Puritans,” Bill said.
– Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

I think progress began to retrogress when Wilbur and Orville Wright started tinkering around in Dayton and Kitty Hawk, because I believe that two Wrights made a wrong.
– Ogden Nash

I really did go back to Dresden with Guggenheim money (God love it) in 1967. It looked a lot like Dayton, Ohio, more open spaces than Dayton has.
– Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

I went to Dayton, Ohio, where my brother and I hunted and sold game to earn a living.
– Ralph Ellison, “The Art of Fiction: An Interview”

Maybe if I hocked all my junk there’d be enough for a bus ticket back to Ohio, back to that thirty-five-dollar-a-week job behind the copy desk of the Dayton Evening Post, if it was still open.
– Billy Wilder, Sunset Boulevard

He was trying to remember the date of the air show in Dayton. As he came into the bedroom, he saw Sula lying on fresh white sheets, wrapped in the deadly odor of freshly applied cologne.
He dragged her under him and made love to her with the steadiness and the intensity of a man about to leave for Dayton.
– Toni Morrison, Sula

I remember when I won a scholarship to the Dayton, Ohio, Art Institute and I didn’t like it but I didn’t want to hurt their feelings by just quitting so I told them that my father was dying of cancer.

-Joe Brainard, I remember, p. 53

I remember in Dayton, Ohio, the art fair in the park where they made me take down all my naked self-portraits.

–Joe Brainard, I remember, p. 53

I remember a girl in Dayton, Ohio, who “taught” me what to do with your tongue, which it turns out, is definitely what not to do with your tongue. You could really hurt somebody that way. (Strangulation.)

-Joe Brainard, I remember, p. 153

Inexplicable erection between Dayton and Columbus. Very hard, very very hard.
– Gabriel Gudding, Rhode Island Notebook

Update 1

Quine, Dolores. Born in 1882, in Dayton, Ohio. Studied for stage at American Academy. First played in Ottawa in 1900. Made New York debut in 1904 in Never Talk to Strangers. Has disappeared since in [a list of some thirty plays follows].

– Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

Update 2

Dayton had been a pleasant town dreaming slow river dreams in unending sunshine. Before the sun disappeared from the sky. I rode now on my Wright brothers bicycle to the river, to listen to it sing among the stones, and saw Huck and Jim fetch up in a raft.

– Norman Lock, “The Brothers Ascend,” Love Among the Particles (via Full Stop)

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