December reading log

I am anxious about the classics. Have I read them well enough? Never. What am I doing reading these books am I succeeding? I end this year’s reading with a month’s list that includes the Kama Sutra, Job, Aurelius’s Meditations, — and two books I had long been meaning to reread: Michael Kohlhaas and Molloy. The only month in which my attention to the old was equal to December was January — during which I read some Virgil, Petronius, Sir Thomas Browne, Mandeville, and Anne Garréta’s Pas Un Jour.


The Kama-Sutra of Vatsyayana (c. 400 BC – 200 CE)  (trans. Sir Richard Francis Burton, 1883)

The Book of Job, The Song of Solomon (King James Versions)

“Preface to the Hebrew Bible” – George Steiner

Meditations (c. 175 AD) – Marcus Aurelius

Michael Kohlhaas (1811) – Heinrich von Kleist

“I and My Chimney” (1856) – Herman Melville

Molloy (1951) – Samuel Beckett (trans. Beckett & Patrick Bowles, 1955)

Will West (1956) – Paul Metcalf

Moscow to the End of the Line (1968) – Venedikt Erofeev (trans. H. William Tjalsma)

Ecrire (1993) – Marguerite Duras

Mira Corpora (2014) – Jeff Jackson

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