January reading log

The Flea of Sodom (1950) – Edward Dahlberg (can’t recall the last time I was so disoriented; a mix of tiresome & exhilarating)

Will West (1956) – Paul Metcalf (reread)

“Sardonicus” (1961) – Ray Russell (I wasn’t scared much)

Genoa (1965) – Paul Metcalf (rereading in progress)

Edward Dahlberg: a Tribute; Essays, Reminiscences, Correspondence, Tributes (1970) – ed. Jonathan Williams (this was great)

The Alteration (1976) – Kingsley Amis (+++)

Fatale (1977) – Jean-Patrick Manchette (trans. Donald Nicholson-Smith, 2011) (not quite memorable enough)

The Leafless American and Other Writings (1986) – Edward Dahlberg (I liked several essays inordinately)

An Incomplete History of the Art of the Funerary Violin (2007) – Rohan Kriwaczek (abandoned with spite)

The Translator’s Invisibility: A History of Translation, 2nd ed. (2008) – Lawrence Venuti (great section on Paul Blackburn)

Time Travel (2016) – James Gleick (stuck!)

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