Jefferson’s spinny chair

Maddy’s desk faced the west window, which was even wider than the south or north. In his swivel chair past and present found shape: steel and white enamel plasticompo and the button that ran the swivel won only a tense counterpoise from the truth that this chair was in idea the same swivel Thomas Jefferson invented.

– Joseph McElroy, Hind’s Kidnap, Harper & Row, 1969. P. 53.

thomas jefferson's swivel chair 1

Jefferson’s revolving Windsor chair which he purchased in 1775-76. The writing arm was added later at Monticello. (Courtesy of the American Philosophical Society)

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  • where did you get the picture


    • I’m pretty sure I scanned the pic from Bedini’s Thomas Jefferson and His Copying Machines (1984). There’s a very small chance I took it from Hayes’ The Road to Monticello: The Life and Mind of Thomas Jefferson (2008), but I doubt it.

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