Joseph McElroy at MOMA

If you’re in New York City on June 14, you might want to attend McElroy’s appearance at the MOMA speaker series. With luck, non-New Yorkers like myself will be able to access the video and audio later the same week — MOMA is doing a pretty good job of archiving speakers’ appearances. He’ll be talking about water, a subject he’s studied for many years in parallel with his writing of a book on water. (See the early excerpts “Water on Us” and “If It Could Be Wrapped” at electronic book review.) The event starts at 2 p.m. with a seminar with McElroy open to anyone who shows up, and at 4 p.m. lecture.

And, in even bigger news, his novel Cannonball comes out this month from Dzanc Books. The opening was printed in J&L Illustrated #2 last year. You can hear him reading from the new novel in this audio recording of a lecture he gave at the New School in November 2012. (He starts talking about and reading from Cannonball at about 53:00.)

Dzanc will also be publishing reprints of some of McElroy’s older books, including Hind’s Kidnap: A Pastoral on Familiar Airs (1969) and Ancient History: A Paraphase (1971), which is being released this June also.


It looks like the schedule for the Expo 1 “Speculations” series MoMA talk is scheduled as follows:

2pm  Discussion   (3 texts: the Future; in 3rd floor classroom)

4pm  Lecture  (“A Global Water Ethos”; in 3rd floor auditorium)

Also noteworthy in McElroy news are McElroy’s review of the recent Garry Winogrand retrospective (appearing in Artforum (Summer 2013)), and his essay, “Wetland Reflections,” appearing in the July issue of New England Review. Watch for these!


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  • Hi! Glad you noticed this – really excited about this. Maybe worth noting that the event’s split into two parts – at 2 p.m. we’re having a seminar with him (open to anyone who shows up), and at 4 p.m. there’s a lecture. What he’s reading is from the water book, though it’s getting a separate publication fairly soon, in the New England Review, I think; it starts off being about the work of Lillian Ball, though it ends up going other places. The lecture will be livestreamed; Triple Canopy’s recording the seminars, but I don’t know that we’re going to make them public.


    • Thanks, Dan! Keep up the good work at Triple Canopy – always doing great work!

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