July reading log

first chapter (or introduction?) of Love and Death in the American Novel (1960) – Leslie Fiedler

Steps (1968) – Jerry Koszinski

“Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy and the Structure of Paradox” by Rosalie Cole and “Sir Thomas Browne: The Relation of Urn Burial and The Garden of Cyrus” by Frank L. Huntley in  Seventeenth Century Prose (1971)

These were both incredibly illuminating as to the Anatomy and Browne.

From the Steeples to Mountains: Charles Ives (1974) – David Woolridge.

This book touched me more than just about anything I’ve read in a long while. I got it out of curiosity about Ives, somewhat casually, but found it totally engrossing, all but about 30 pp. towards the end that seemed a bit excess. But this was magnificent, written in the vein of Olson & even sometimes Paul Metcalf, what with the play of multiple indents, juxtaposition, & collage. I am exploring Ives’s music now with greater interest than I was able to do before. Ditto for the Perlis oral history, below, which contains many touching descriptions of Ives in his sedentary old age.

Charles Ives: An Oral History (1974) – Vivian Perlis

3 stories by Breece D’J Pancake

Four New Messages (2012) – Joshua Cohen

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