July reading log

“A Farewell to Essay-writing” (1828) – William Hazlitt

Letters to Lou (1914-1915) – Guillaume Apollinaire (as read aloud by Guillaume Gallienne)

“Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius” – Jorge Luis Borges (re-read)

The Book of Nightmares – Galway Kinnell (re-read)

A Tomb for Boris Davidovich (1976) – Danilo Kis (re-read; superbly translated by Duska Mikic-Mitchell, 1978)

Earth and Embers: Selections from L’homme rapaillé – Gaston Miron (trans. Plourde & D.G. Jones, 1984)

Veuves au maquillage (2000) – Pierre Senges (in progress)

An Honest Ghost (2013) – Rick Whitaker

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