July reading log

Volpone (1605) – Ben Jonson

Review of Contemporary Fiction, Paul Metcalf/Hubert Selby Jr Issue (1981 or 82) (in progress)

Where Do You Put the Horse? (1986) – Paul Metcalf

Enter Isabel: The Herman Melville Correspondence of Clare Spark and Paul Metcalf (1991)

Teach Yourself: Geology (2003) – David Rothery (in progress)

Etudes de silhouettes (2010) – Pierre Senges

Spontaneous Particulars: The Telepathy of Archives (2014) – Susan Howe

The Sixth Extinction (2014) – Elizabeth Kolbert

Cendres des hommes et des bulletins (2016) – Pierre Senges & Sergio Aquindo (in progress)

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