Criticism/Book reviews/Interviews

Digital Native: An Interview with B.R. Yeager on Amygdalatropolis3:AM Magazine. Feb 2018.

“Paul Metcalf, 1917-1999.” Scribners American Writers Series. Oct 2018.

In the Port of Possibility: Interview with Joseph McElroy. Golden Handcuffs Review 19. Fall-Winter 2014. Print.

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Tõnu Õnnepalu’s Radio. Galleon Literary Journal. Dec 2014. Print.

An -Ism of One’s Own: On Volodine’s Writers. Quarterly Conversation. Sep 2014.

Césaire at Mid-Century. Quarterly Conversation. Jun 2014.

Hysteric. Review of Hysteric by N. Arcan. Winnipeg Review. Aug 2014.

Lost and Found. Review of A Traveler’s Tale by B. Ayanoglu. Montreal Review of Books. Mar 2014. Print.

Terre des cons. Review of Terre des cons by P. Nicol, including a translated excerpt. Ambos. Dec 2013.

Ancient History: A Paraphase. Review of Ancient History by J. McElroy. Quarterly Conversation. Dec 2013.

The metamorphosis. Review of Moth; or, how I came to be with you again by T. Heise. Montreal Review of Books. Aug 2013.

Eucalyptus. Review of Eucalyptus by M. Segura. Montreal Review of Books. Fall 2013. Print.

A brief illustrated history of the Atwater Library and Computer Centre. Beyond the Shelf. 15 Oct 2012.

Thoughts on Internet distraction. Beyond the Shelf. 26 Jan 2012.

An Interview with Stéfan Sinclair. Beyond the Shelf. 19 Jan 2013.


Geometry in the Dust, Pierre Senges, drawings by Killoffer. Inside the Castle, April 2019.

The Major Refutation, English version of Refutatio major, attributed to Antonio de Guevara, 1480-1545, Pierre Senges. Contra Mundum Press, Dec 2016. (Publisher page | Praise from readers)

“… brilliant… very learned…” – (The Modern Novel)

“It never flinches, it has not one single tell that it is anything but what it appears to be: a 16th century work…'” – (Ronald Morton)

“… more ingenious and creative than most books being published these days.” – (Steven Moore)

“… one of the Major Novels of ’17… Right here, this is what novels look like.” – (Nathan N.R. Gaddis)


Hélène Frédérick. “Tooth and Nail: A Credit History.” Hotel #5. Feb 2019.

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Pierre Senges. Paris Seen from the Centre. Podcast produced by the Centre Pompidou. Winter 2017-18.

Julie Mazzieri. Excerpt from Le discours sur la tombe de l’idiot. Quebec Reads. Sep 2016.

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Patrick Nicol. Excerpt from Terre des cons. Ambos. Dec 2013.

Denis Frajerman. On Composing and Collaborating with Antoine VolodineMusic and Literature Online. May 2015.

TRANSLATIONS – Short Writings of Pierre Senges

– Online –

‘Etudes de silhouettes.’ Hotel #3. Aug 2017.

Undertaking and RenunciationProdigal Lit Mag. May 2017.

SuiteThe White ReviewJan 2016.

Anything GoesThe Collagist. Dec 2015.

Many Ways to Stuff a WatermelonNuméro Cinq Magazine. Nov 2015.

Last Judgment (detail). Hyperion (Vol. 9, No. 1). May 2015.

– Print –

Le Salon de l’œil du bœuf. Fireflies #6. Nov 2018.

Monster Rhapsody. Play for radio. Radio France, brochure. Spring 2017.

Excerpts from Etudes de silhouettes. Hotel #3Aug 2017.

The Author Viewed from Below. Music & Literature #8Fall 2017.

On the Electrophorus and the Tohu-Bohu. Gorse Journal #7. Jan 2017.

Making, Faking. Gorse Journal #4. Sep 2015. Print.

A Slightly Vain Exercise in Style. Vestiges_02. Aug 2016. Print.

ANCIENT Writings

“Goodbye, Ohio” and “O’ top the mountain.” Ohio Edit. Dec 2013.

Starving revelation tooth factory. Long poem. Montross, VA, 2007.

The Lucky Avant-Garde, Vol. 14. Poetry chapbook. Dayton: Everywhere Press, 2006.

The Lucky Avant-Garde, Vol. 3. Poetry chapbook. Montross: God-dam Beavercreek Press, 2006.


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