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Audio resources

I’ve added to the links in the sidebar and organized them by type. In particular check out some of these fantastic, free audio resources:

Center for Art of Translation
KCRW’s Bookworm
Lannan Foundation
Librivox Free Audiobooks
Miette’s Bedtime Podcast
New Yorker Fiction Podcast
Penn Sound
Ubu Web

In almost every case, the archive/repository is vast, almost overwhelmingly so. Particularly so with Michael Silverblatt’s excellent show Bookworm — the archived episodes go all the way back to early 90s, with high-quality recorded conversations with Norman Mailer, Don Delillo, Toni Morrison, Susan Sontag, W.G. Sebald Laszlo Kraznahorkai, Rick Moody, Will Self, David Foster Wallace, you name it, it’s there, on and on and on to no end.

If I go blind, I’ll be relying on these.