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Mingus’s plan

Beneath the Underdog, by Charles Mingus (Knopf, 1971; Canongate, 2005), pp. 232-3:

I wonder if I could hypnotize all the prostitutes of the world so they’d run into the streets nude to rape every man in sight! Their foulery will enter the homes of our leaders, the madmen plotting to conquer the world or destroy it and whose wives are also women forgotten about. I’ll spread it from country to country — Russia’s women, France’s, Germany’s, Japan’s — there won’t be enough cops to arrest them and even the policewomen will join in. Then when my entranced women pounce upon the leaders of government, the world will know where it is — that Hitler could only have an erection when elated crowds or his girl Eva yelled Heil, Hitler! and that Napoleon was a faggot and Mussolini an M6-plus junkie. Goering was an H16 stone junkie twenty-four hours a day. Kings and royalty practised perversion themselves ten-fold. It’s time to know what our leaders are that lead us to die for their way of escaping life. Whores, off with the clothes of our leaders! Today! All over the world! If they run cut off where their balls should be. Save this sick world, oh ye priceless whores!

Mulling this particular passage over just now and thinking Charles Mingus wrote a book that’s truly extraordinary. Has it been duly recognized as such? I’m not sure it has. Apparently the manuscript — which ran to 1,000 pages before it was cut down to ⅓ of its length for publication — is stored at the Library of Congress. I dream of reading it one day, however implausible.