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“Let us admit, going over the Atlantic was a tragic mistake…”

Edward Dahlberg, The Flea of Sodom (New Directions, 1950), pp. 15.

from ‘The Flea of Sodom’

Edward Dahlberg, The Flea of Sodom (New Directions, 1950), pp. 40:

One day, Ephraim Bedlam, the water-drinker and raw carrot and celery philosopher, who always smelled like musk or gymnasium sweat, tweaked me on the cheek, asking, “Have you seen any human beings lately?”

“Diarrhoea three days”

E. Dahlberg, The Flea of Sodom (1950):

“Then I bought a chair, trundling it in a wheelbarrow along 7th Avenue. I recalled how Crates insulted whores to discipline himself, and to reprove froward flesh, I passed out cards on which was written, ‘For the frog drinking-water, for the snail cabbage and thyme, but for a rebuke nobody’. A newsvendor considered me so droll I had diarrhoea three days.”